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Art birthday parties are SO much fun!

We L O V E celebrating little artist's birthdays in our studio! 

He or she can bring her favorite friends to create a fabulous masterpiece on a canvas, a tactile reminder of their special day. 

Or, some artist's have requested Slime Parties, which are also pretty amazing!

For more details, click "Learn More" below.

For 3-5 year olds, I typically allow for a 1.5 hour time slot... 1 hour for creating, 30 minutes for cake, ice cream, opening presents & maybe a small art activity if they finish up early.

For ages 6 and up, I typically allow for a 2 hour time slot... 1.5 hours for creating, 30 minutes for cake, ice cream, opening presents & maybe a small art activity if they finish up early.

There are 2 party options we currently offer:

1) Each artist creates on their own canvas. Your little artist can choose to create a particular animal, a nature scene, or anything of the like. In the past, we’ve created owls in trees, unicorns with glittery horns, bunnies in a flower field, birds in a nest, penguins on glaciers under the moon and stars, or any sea creature (sea turtle, octopus, dolphin, starfish, etc. in the ocean). This is our most common and popular option.

2) If they have another idea of an art project they have their heart set on doing, (older children can do string art or something else they've done in my studio before) I would be open to the idea! Just send me an email with their idea at :)

Family Arrival:

Families can arrive to my studio about 20 minutes before the party begins to get your snacks set up and be there with plenty of time to see each guest as they come in. I like for it to be easy and relaxing for you and your artist; no mess at your house and each child leaves with an awesome souvenir to remind them of their special friend!

Feel free to bring a cake/cupcakes for everyone to eat and maybe juice boxes/little water bottles or whatever drink you would like to serve. I ask that you bring plates, napkins, plastic forks, candles, and anything else you'd like to have. We do not have a freezer, so if you’d like to bring ice cream, it would have to be in a cooler. Some moms bring balloons and decorations... totally up to you.

Date and time:
It seems that Saturday/Sunday afternoons work best, with a time somewhere around 2:00-4:00 or 3:00-5:00. Days/times outside of these may be a possibility, just let me know and we can work together to figure it out.

When sending out invitations, please inform the parents that we will be creating an art project for your artist’s birthday party and instruction will begin right on time so the artists will have enough time to complete their masterpieces. The address for the party is 3901 N Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk. The art studio is located inside the "Interiors" building, a wide brick building with a green roof. It's just North of the Kitty Hawk Post Office, just West of Hurricane Mo's. The front door says "Little Wildflowers Art Studio" along with a few other business names. We will be using acrylic paints, which do stain, so please ask them to wear clothes that they don't mind getting painty. You can specify that it’s a "drop off class”. I want it to be most enjoyable and relaxing for your artist and her friends and other parents chit chatting with each other has the potential to be distracting. This does not include family members that you want to be there. Of course, if parents choose to stay and watch, it will be totally fine!

If you'd like to have the art party at your house or another offsite location, that option is available. Please contact me for pricing and details.

For ages 3-5, the total cost is $40 per artist.
For ages 6 and up, the total cost is $45 per artist.

I ask for a minimum of 6 artists. Payment for 6 artists is required, even if you decide to have less, so a minimum of $240 for ages 3-5 and $270 for ages 6 and up. I ask for a $75 deposit to hold the time slot,

The remainder (less the $75 deposit) is due at the end of the party in cash, check or Venmo/PayPal. Please let me know 2 days before the party date exactly how many artists are planning on attending and their age range. I will purchase supplies for that number and if someone doesn't show up, you are still responsible for paying for that child.

Art parties are the BEST! I would love to celebrate your little artist in my studio!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or shoot me a text: 252.207.6914 or

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