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upcoming art classes + camps
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a pre-recorded facebook live class (below!)

We would be honored to help boost your artist's creative confidence in our beloved art studio through a summer camp or class, or maybe with this simple at home project!


Nature Dream Scene

free, pre-recorded from Facebook live!

Join me and make a dream scene with the following supplies:

-white paper (preferably card stock or something thicker)

-an old magazine or newspaper

-regular glue or glue stick


-watercolor paints or markers

    -if using watercolor paints, you'll need:

        -paper towels

        -a water cup for rinsing brushes

facebook LIVE nature scene.png
Watercolor Stain

Weekly Fall/winter art classes

Beginning the third week in October, we'll be having weekly art classes for kids between the ages of 6-9 and 10-13!

I'm so excited to be able to have two classes to be able to better tailor the projects to the kids' individual ages. 

We will use many of the same art mediums, but in the older class, we'll be able to go a little bit "deeper" and do more. 

We'll create with resin, we'll dye fabric, experiment with sewing and use fabric for projects, we'll paint, sculpt with clay, and so much more!

I'm so passionate about giving kids access to art supplies that they don't typically have access to in school, at church or at home. 

I like to stretch their little creative brains to help them see that they are capable of doing challenging creative projects.

Teaching them how to use a hot glue gun (low temp with safety instruction, of course), a hammer, a weaving loom, resin, a sewing machine and more is so gratifying to me.


They love the process and the confidence they gain from understanding a whole new tool that they couldn't use before.


Creativity is HUGE in developing childrens' self-confidence.


Knowing they can be creative under challenging circumstances is a major benefit to art classes.


And I take the job of empowering them very seriously!

Kids LOVE working with resin, so I'm excited to be able to do one or two resin projects with them.


We will (of course) make a mantle worthy mixed media creation on a canvas.


The FINAL Thursday class (February 1st) will be an art show for the kids to show you all of their projects they've been working on!


They always love to have the opportunity to display their projects for their families to see.

Art class will be on Thursdays, and the time will depend on your artist's age:

ages 6-9 Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm

ages 10-13 Thursdays, 5-6pm

Classes will be held on every Thursday between October 19th and February 1st (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas Holiday weeks when they're out of school).

The total sum for all of the classes is $400.


You can pay in full, split it into 4 monthly payments of $100 each due by the 3rd of each month, or 2 payments of $200.


Payments can be made in cash, check or by Venmo (@morganvuyovich).

I am offering a 10% sibling discount for families of multiples that want to join us.


Register or find more details by clicking HERE !!

I'd love to have your little artist join us. It's going to be SO much fun. Space is limited!!


Feel free to call or text me with questions at (252) 207-6914.

TO REGISTER, tap here

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